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tenHsServer Installation

Download the Setup file below to your Homeseer computer and run it. It will install the program into the proper Homeseer folders.

It will also copy the documentation to: c:\Program Files\tenWare\tenHsServer\


 History of Modifications:

          tenHsServer v 2.6  1/8/2015

                SetDeviceString added

          tenHsServer v 2.5  6/21/2012

                    GetDevice now returns the Device LastChange date/time

tenHsServer v 2.4   1/21/2012

Fixed ToggleDevice bug

Addressed potential memory leak

tenHsServer v 2.3   2/6/2011

Added DeviceOn and DeviceOff functions

Updated Documentation, with sample VB.NET code




tenHsServer v 1.0.14                7/31/2008  Added Security via &u &p parameters

tenHsServer v 1.0.13               7/29/2008  Added GetUsers,ValidateUser, and

tenHsServer v 1.0.12              7/28/2008  GetDevice new returns the Device String

tenHsServer v 1.0.8                2/16/2008 GetDevices now returns Location2

tenHsServer v 1.0.7                2/15/2008  ExecX10 now uses all 4 parameters

tenHsServer v 1.0.6                Adds SetDeviceValue function.

tenHsServer v.1.0.5                Adds GetValues function.   HS Value/text pairs

tenHsServer v1.0.3                Adds Check function.  Returns:  tenHsServer OK

tenHsServer  v1.0.2                Adds RunEvent

GetEvents w/blank group returns all events