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tenHsServer Overview

tenHsServer is a single web page that processes requests specified in the URL that loads it, and displays a page (returns html that contains the result of request). Typically, an application running on a PC remote from Homeseer, will request the tenHsServer page and parse the returned html to get the results of the request. If the IP address of your server is and you are running the Homeseer web server on port 67, then your URL should be:   followed by your request parameters

For example, to get the status of device A1, the URL would look like:

Note: the t= parameter can be anything, but it MUST be there. One suggestion is to change it each time, generally as a random number, to make sure that your request is not cached by the browser.

The f= parameter specifies the nature (function) of the request. The following functions have been implemented so far (not case sensitive):

DeviceStatus              returns the status of one or more devices

GetDevice                  returns device information for one or more devices

ExecX10               performs the Homeseer ExecX10 function

ToggleDevice        toggles the devices ON/OFF

GetDevices            returns, for all devices:

GetEvents              returns Event names for the specified Event Group

GetIni                    returns an entry from an .ini file

SetIni                     sets an entry in an .ini file

Uptime                   returns Homeseer SystemUptime

GetValues               returns a device Values/Strings pairs

SetDeviceValue       Specify a Value for a Device


Click here to download the documentation file.

You can also download a sample client application:  SampleTenHsServer.Zip