tenWare Software

tenHsGadget Overview

tenHsGadget is a Vista Sidebar Gadget that interacts with a remote Homeseer server to display information about Homeseer Devices and provides a means for a user to run Homeseer Events.

Docked GadgetVista Sidebar Gadgets run as separate programs within the Vista Sidebar.  They normally are docked within the Sidebar, and as such, provide a limited display area.  A primary design criteria for this Gadget is to provide as much flexibility as possible in defining which devices are to be displayed in the limited space, and how the Device Display is to be formatted.

There are two selectable displays: the Device List and the Event List.  The Device List displays a list of Devices that are being monitored.  You specify which Homeseer Devices you want to monitor using the Options panel.  You also specify the criteria (based upon either the Device's Status or Value) to use in determining if and how the Device is displayed in the list.  If you click on a Device in the list, a flyout panel opens up that allows you to control the Device  (ON/OFF/DIM etc.).

Docked Event ListThe Event List displays a list of Homeseer Events.  You specify which Homeseer Events you want displayed in the list from the Options panel.  If you click on an Event in the list, that Event will be run on the Homeseer server.

You can easily switch between the Device List and the Event List by clicking on the Device List icon to display the Device List or the Event List icon to display the Event List.  If the list of Devices or Events is longer than the display area, click the Page Up Page Down icons to page the display.  You can also click on the Homeseer Website icon to display the Status screen from your Homeseer server in a separate browser window.