The Vince Monte Peep Experiment

Having seen the many web articles on the exploding interest in Peeps, and having exhaustively reviewed the current state of scientific Peep experiments, Vince decided to push the frontier of peep experimentation even further.

He decided to explore what would happen if we were to force-feed chocolate milk to an otherwise normal Peep (yeah, right.... Peeps are normal?!?).

Vince started off with fresh from the store Peeps:   twopeeps.jpg (4598 bytes)

and the best quality chocolate milk:  bottle.jpg (4881 bytes)


and after force-feeding the chocolate milk to several Peeps, he then forced them to soak in the chocolate milk overnight: peepswim.jpg (5228 bytes)


To see what happens to a normal Peep after 24 hours of this punishing treatment, just double-click the normal Peep:   onepeep.jpg (4555 bytes)